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Screen Changer & Six Station Cutter

Advantage (Single Station to Six Satiation Cutter) :

  • Absolutely eliminated ideal time
  • Maximum utilization of tape plant
  • Easy to operate
  • In Six Station Cutter, Blades will be changed after 6 days

Payback :

  • A. Power Saving
    In each stoppage it takes minimum of 20 minutes to stop + 60 minutes to change blade + 20 minutes to start
    = The total time is 100 minutes

    In hole of this time total system is ON means power loss is 60 minutes of working load = 150 Units

    [Power Saving Per Month =150 Units X 30 = 4500 Units]
  • B. Production Enhancement:
    If we don’t stop the plant twice in day we will get minimum one-hour production more.

    One hour production = 150 ~200 Kg.

    Hence, the payback period is only 2-3 months.

Six Station Cutter Consisting :

  • Powder coated cutter assembly
  • Cutter frame with cover & one roller
  • One set of shaft
  • Spacer duly assembled with super max blade
  • Cutter Stand

Optional :

One set od shaft and spacers w/o blades and assembly.

On Line Self Cleaning Screen Changer

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