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Gear Box Cooling System

(For Lohia / Windsor / Kolsite / J.P. tape plants)

You are aware that Gear Box is a very important part of the Tape Plant. Very often the excess heat generated by gears cause its expansion, consumption of excess power and more expenditure on cooling oil. We in SHRISTI has innovated a solution to reduce the heat so generated by a method of using an external cooling system to Main Gear Box at a very reasonable cost. This will ensure increased life to your Gear Box and also Gear Oil.

The Gear Box Oil which reaches above 70C due to continuous running of the plant has to be brought down to a minimum to safeguard the gear as well as gear oil.

In a Cooling System that we offer, the oil in the gear box with high temperature is taken out to heat exchanger tank having lines of water circulation pipe from a chilling plant. The motor-pump combination attached on the oil circulating system pushes the oil via heat exchanger to gear box.

The process ensures the gear oil to maintain a temperature between 45C 55C which is safe for the gear system.

  • Reduction of man power working
  • Reduction of mixing time
  • Reduction of mishandling
  • Improves quality of end product


  • Pacifluid Brand Rotary Gear Pump
  • 1 HP Motor, Make : Crompton
  • Heat Exchanger with sufficient layers of pipes to circulate chilled water within the heat exchanger
  • Pipes with necessary fittings for Oil & Water to & fro connecting heat exchanger